About Chamber Buck$

Chamber Buck$

Let’s keep our money local………..  Do you need a gift for that hard to buy family member or friend? Need a prize or contribution for someone’s fund raising event? You should consider buying Chamber Buck$.  Chamber Buck$ are purchased at Farmers State Bank, Onaga. Chamber Buck$ are redeemable at any Onaga Area Chamber of Commerce business.  ANY person or business can purchase them! Chamber Buck$ CANNOT be redeemed for just cash. They must be spent at local merchants.

Chamber Buck$ are issued for various amounts.  It is suggested to purchase them in small denominations so they can be spent at various merchants, with little cash leaving our communities. They CANNOT be redeemed for just cash, but CASH MUST be given back if the customer only spends part of the allotted funds.

The business actually has to treat the Buck$ as if they were a check.  An example would be – a $25 gift/prize has been purchased in increments of two $10 and one $5 Chamber Buck$. The customer spends $18 at a merchant and gives the merchant the two $10 Buck$. The customer fills in their name on the “to” line if not previously filled out. The merchant treats the transaction as $20 in checks, fills in their name in the business redeemed at line and should endorse on the back just like a check, then gives the customer $2.00 back in change.  In your deposit, you add the two Chamber Buck$ in as $10 checks.  The remaining $5.00 Chamber Buck$ in the customers hand can be spent at the next merchant! The Chamber Buck$ is NEVER TO BE ALTERED by a business. Just give cash back for the unused portion.

Chamber Buck$ are redeemable through Farmers State Bank, Onaga.  If a local merchant has no account with Farmers State Bank and is presented with Chamber Buck$, the merchant can bring in the Chamber Buck$ and FSB will issue cash to the merchant.